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It Works- Loyal Customers

*Click image to be directed to my It Works website.

Now that I have signed up for It Works. It’s now time to move onto Step 2: Getting 4 Loyalty Customers 🙂

There are 2 ways in becoming a LC:

Loyalty Customer:
– You will receive 40% discount on any product.
– As a loyalty customer you are able to create a log-in to manage your orders.
– You can even alter the date to when you want the order to placed (this is helpful to those financially

Option 1) 3 auto-shipment months. This is good for those who want to try more than one product. You are able to alter your orders each month, so that way you are not always getting the same product for 3 consecutive months. You must be sure to save & update your auto-shipment each month to ensure that your order is correct for the months to come.

Example: Month 1 you order Body Wraps, Month 2 you decide to try Confianza, Month 3 is greens. But you want to change Month 2 to something else or add more to your order, you can do that! before the next billing period.

Only after your 3 months is over. You may cancel your auto-shipment if you choose to do so. (it is your responsibility to cancel or your order will repeat.) You can take a break & start back up again whenever you feel that you need to purchase product again.


Option 2) This is another way to become a Loyalty Customer for those who do not want to commit to 3 months of purchase. By signing up as a Loyalty Customer the membership is $50 along with buying at least one product. A plus is, there is no renewal fee.. you are a Loyalty Customer with ItWorks for life!

Example: So later, say like 6 months down the road you decide you want to order product again, or try something new, or you have a friend who is interested in something.. You can.

You will still get the 40% discount perk because you are a Loyalty Customer and paid your one time membership fee of $50.




To sign up:
– Shop at my site you should see my name in the upper right corner of the screen.
– Add your product to your shopping cart & proceed to check out.
– You should be directed to a site just like this one were you can pick your options or if you choose to pay full retail price.
– The rest is filling out the information.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

Xo, Risha