Happy Friday everyone!

In my spare time I enjoy looking up motivational & lifestyle quotes. So I decided to post blog entries sharing quotes that I find an interpret them in my own words. I won’t go over it in great detail because there are a lot of quotes that I stumble upon with the same message.


Self-love, this is a feeling of emotion that we sometimes stray away from. We live in a world where self-love has diminished value. Many of us tend to put others before ourselves. It is not a bad thing to do at all, it is a self-less act. However, it can be selfish towards yourself, in terms that you love others more than you love yourself. Don’t let there be a love deficit you wish to fill through someone else, whether it be family or friends that you forget to love yourself. Put yourself first sometimes, it is not selfish. It’s a life-style. Be able to take care of yourself first before you are willing to take care of others. Because at the end of the day, only you deserve the love you wish to fully have. 

This is a reminder to LOVE YOURSELF & all days to come.  â˜ºï¸â¤ï¸ 

Xo, Risha 


New Blog on the Block

Hello 😊 I’m Risha (pronunciation: Ree-sha). You may have stumbled across my blog site wondering…

Why blog?
Growing up I’ve composed & blogged on other sites such as (Xanga, Tumblr and BlogSpot) But this time I wanted to make my ideas and thoughts known. I enjoy blogging, I consider it as a therapeutic output for me to just surf the internet and be expressive. From blogging I began to challenge myself..these blog sites allowed me to create and design my “page”. I paid attention to detail and creativity. I then found an interest in HTML and in creating images or banners on my Windows ’98 software (talk about dial-up internet days, when Wi-Fi had yet to exist), “paint” program. I was interested in learning about Adobe Photoshop. You can say blogging has been a long-time hobby of mine, so I do it because I enjoy it 🙂

Why did you create this blog and what is it about?
Good Question. It’s because i’m too shy for Youtube…Hah! Just kidding. I’ve been a reader of many blogs and was just simply inspired. I decided to create one all on a whim, with no intention of assigning a specific theme or topic. I always knew I wanted to create my own website one day…I had all these thoughts and ideas I would like to share but was unsure of where to even begin! All different topics, it was difficult to base my platform on just one thing. I began to brainstorm where my ideas lie and if they shared any relation. Not at all, I’m as random as they come…Which is why I chose to focus my blog on a little bit of EVERYTHING! A lifestyle blogger.

Some things that I am passionate about & enjoy or to even share my own personal experiences that I believe is worth sharing with my audience. It will be displayed in my posts such as:

  • Reviews: Lately I have been very big on Yelp. It has been one of my most-used apps. I had just recently turned Elite last month & am still figuring everything out, but I particularly like that Yelp not only networks just restaurants but other businesses as well. I feel that it is important to support local businesses or businesses that are just starting out. What better way to network than word of mouth. I also intend on posting reviews on not just restaurants/businesses but products that I highly recommend or even a first impression of a new purchase.
  • Food: I am a BIG FOODIE!! Open to trying new foods is my thing & I admit, I am that girl that will take a picture of her meal before eating it.. then again, i can also be that girl that forgets to take a picture because it had already been devoured. Here, I will post my food adventures! As well as recipes on a wide spectrum, quick & easy meals. I will provide quality photos and caption my orders along with my ratings. Stay tuned!
  • Health & Wellness: I have a passion and dedication for this this category because I grew up around medical and health care. My profession also focuses around health & I am all for promoting healthy living. I will share interesting health tips (nothing text-book material) & provide healthier alternatives. Join me as I go through my educational journey towards my career. I’ve experienced that this department’s outcome is truly rewarding!
  • Beauty/Fashion: This forum is about my love for shopping. I’ve been told i’m a “hardcore shopper” I don’t believe that lol but I try to get what I need & not what I want. .& be as thrifty as possible. I’m all about deals,  I would love to share with you all! Here I will also post my look-books & outfit of the day’s (ootd) along with beauty care products I use – definitely expect a review.
  • Travel: Travel is something I wish I can say I do often but when I do its an experience I soak in. The feeling of being in different places is remarkable & nothing is all the same. I will share my travel stories & where I have been and wish to go. Adventure is out there.
  • Photography: AKA my camera-roll. Another past-time of mine. This forum will be specifically for me to build my portfolio and share my images.
  • Will also discuss tricks & tips, events and etc.

*Disclaimer: Please take my posts  with a grain of salt. I am not a professional/ have the expertise, nor a am I licensed to provide any lawful information.

Why “Reeshes Pieces” ?
I wanted to come up with something unique, creative and meaningful. In fact, this is a user name I use for other accounts but it all started in High School. I got the nick-name Risha. From Risha it went “Reesh” I had one friend in particular who was the only one who called me “Reeshes Peeshes” Is it a coincidence that my favorite chocolate at the time was Reeces-Pieces? The rest was history! Which brings me to how i created my tag-line & as I mentioned earlier, I will post about various things.. “bits & pieces of everything”. ❤️

Happy reading!

Xo, Risha
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