It seems like everyone is in Hawaii & i’m currently chilling at my local casinos pool. It isn’t the beach but it will have to suffice. A girl can dream right? I’ve never been to Hawaii, but one day.. i’ll go 🙂


Thank you, FreeEarthTrading (IG: for my High Neck Lace Bikini! It happened to be my first time wearing it to the pool & I absolutely love the style of it.

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Xo, Risha



Sunday Afternoon- OOTD

We were chillin’ in the park, just waiting for the sun to go down- Lighter Shade of Brown.



Romper: Target (Mossimo)
Cross Body: Tory Burch
Sandals: Target
Watch: Michael Kors

  • Here is a quick Outfit Of The Day 🙂 I apologize, I was not able to find exact retail for they might have already have discontinued or have taken items off. However, I listed where I purchased these items; they may have similar styles available.


Xo, Risha






Sunglass Spot


Here are some inexpensive sunglasses that I wanted to share with you all! 🙂

I have really been into QUAY glasses but I’m not quite willing to pay that amount for that particular brand. Did my research on Instagram & stumbled upon Sunglass Spot! I love this brand, very inexpensive & there are some popular styles similar to the brand QUAY. What are you waiting for?! These babies sell out faaast.

I purchased 4 sunglasses from SunglassSpot & can’t wait to order more!

When I first received my package I was really wondering “how can 4 glasses fit in here?!” They surely managed! Everything was packaged neatly also including cloth-cases.


  1. Oversized Half Frame Horn Rimmed Super Cat Eye Sunglasses- Black Frame/Gradient.

2. 55mm Flat Lens Full Metal Frame Modern Squared Off Sunnies- Black Frame/Mirror

3. Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cat Eye – Black Frame/Mirror.

4. 61mm Oversize Modern Flat Top Thin Lightweight Aviator- Black Frame/Rose Gold. *MY FAVORITE ORDER*

All for $5.99 each! Some ‘premiere’ shades are about $9.95 . Still, not bad!  I wanted to share the best deals with you guys & this is definitely the best! great quality as well.

Stay cool & hydrated this summer!

Xo, Risha


Old School Graphic Tees

Alriight, stop. Collaborate & listen.. lol jk but seriouuusly!

How cute are these screen-tees with 90’s old school rap/hip-hop lyrics?! This and RnB would have to be my all time favorite music genre. What is even hip-hop now a days?? Does it still exist? Well, they sure don’t make it like this no more…

Going through Instagram one day & saw these shirts, each one I didn’t read i sang lol  it is a company called @Onemessybun & I also picked up some onesies from their kids line for my nephew. Suuuuper cute!


Their website is: OMB_logo_16c147c6-60fa-42c7-959e-6f18c3b389d6_160x

Packaging: Love the packaging…it’s pineapples!


The Look:

  • Shirt: “La-di-da-di we likes to party” – OneMessyBun
  • Shorts:  High Rise Shorts by Mossimo Denim- Target
  • Sunglasses-: 61mm Oversize Modern Flat, Black Frame/Rose Gold- Sunglass Spot
  • Watch: Womens Ritz Goldtone And Tortoise Acetate Chrono- Michael Kors
  • Shoes: Chuck Taylor All Star Coral Low Top Sneaker- Converse
  • Bag:  Damier Azur Speedy 30, White- Louis Vuitton

Xo, Risha


Leilani Jewelry

I have recently teamed up with Leilani Jewelry and became an ‘ambassador’. Shop their site filled with dainty inexpensive jewelry and other beautiful products.

This one in particular is a layered choker necklace ($4.99) I knew I had to purchase something so stylish & versatile, dress it up or down. There is more where that came from!

At check out, you are welcome to use my 10% off promo code: RLS10

Instagram: @leilanijewelry

Xo, Risha


Dance with My Father

Dad is a son’s first hero & a daughter’s first love.

“Dance with My Father”- Luther Vandross

One of my favorite photos of me & my dad 🙂
I love you dad, for all that you are & for all that you do.

I dedicated a Mother’s Day blog to all the mama’s & with Father’s Day approaching (June, 18) of course i had to do one for  all the papa’s out there!

Soo i’d have to say it’s a challenge shopping for men’s gifts, well for me it is.. Especially when you aren’t sure what to get. Can’t exactly go with your traditional flowers and candy in this case.. but I always say, it’s the thought that always counts.

Do something dad likes to do, dedicate a day to him. Have it be meaningful and from the heart.

  • If he wants to watch sports all day, let him! & do not disturb lol
  • Dinner/spending time with the family.
  • Movies.
  • Driving range.
  • Anything sports related.
  • Electronics.
  • Tools.
  • What are some of his favorite things to do?  🙂

Here are also some online Father’s Day Sales I wanted to share with you all !

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Happy early Father’s Day!
Hope you all have a safe & blessed one 🙂

Xo, Risha