It seems like everyone is in Hawaii & i’m currently chilling at my local casinos pool. It isn’t the beach but it will have to suffice. A girl can dream right? I’ve never been to Hawaii, but one day.. i’ll go 🙂


Thank you, FreeEarthTrading (IG: for my High Neck Lace Bikini! It happened to be my first time wearing it to the pool & I absolutely love the style of it.

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Xo, Risha




Happy Friday everyone!

In my spare time I enjoy looking up motivational & lifestyle quotes. So I decided to post blog entries sharing quotes that I find an interpret them in my own words. I won’t go over it in great detail because there are a lot of quotes that I stumble upon with the same message.


Self-love, this is a feeling of emotion that we sometimes stray away from. We live in a world where self-love has diminished value. Many of us tend to put others before ourselves. It is not a bad thing to do at all, it is a self-less act. However, it can be selfish towards yourself, in terms that you love others more than you love yourself. Don’t let there be a love deficit you wish to fill through someone else, whether it be family or friends that you forget to love yourself. Put yourself first sometimes, it is not selfish. It’s a life-style. Be able to take care of yourself first before you are willing to take care of others. Because at the end of the day, only you deserve the love you wish to fully have. 

This is a reminder to LOVE YOURSELF & all days to come.  ☺️❤️ 

Xo, Risha 

Health & Wellness

Why, It Works?

Today is my 1 month mark as a distributor with It Works!

I’ll tell ya, I’ve been trying hard to get in touch with a lot of ppl.. Plenty of messages that have been “seen” or “read” but no reply. It can get really discouraging & plenty of times I thought “This may not be for me? /:”  Buut I realized like any other business, you just have to keep going!  I didn’t know where to even begin on how to approach ppl. So that was completely pushing me out of my comfort zone. I understand that ppl are going to turn me down & i’d rather make them feel comfortable than having them unsure of something.

This business really tested my patience as well, it is not something that happens over night. Ppl won’t respond right away. Then again, ppl may sign up right on the dot. But I always try to re-assure my clients that the choice is completely theirs. I don’t want them to feel overwhelmed or pressured. I want them to personally see my relation with the product itself. I’m still learning how to do this but I can say I learned a lot so far in a one month span about myself & this business. It has certainly helped me grow as a person. Never had i imagined that i would get into a business like this.

So, why? I started this business, just like many others who decide to join.. to make extra money. Without getting too personal but this investment is for myself financially, graduate school & my (future) family. I treat this like a game, not in a foolish or literal sense but to grow in a company like this you climb a ladder & by enrolling more people you are reaching your goals. It is a thrilling feeling & accomplishment. Like trying to pass levels towards winning.

I’ve noticed you want to expand your following audience & spread the word of your business. I’ve gotten many remarks of the product not working, there a lot of misconception that it is suppose to magically make you lose weight instantly. Wrong. Like any other health product, it takes dedication & discipline. You have to work for the results you desire. Our products only enhances the progression & improvemen of health & wellness. I had to figure out which platforms are best fit for me to expose my business..i’m so new to Facebook, it has been years since i’ve had one. Soo, i don’t have a big following audience, rarely any comments let alone likes. But it is all about staying consistent & not giving up!

Xo, Risha

Health & Wellness

It Works- Loyal Customers

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Now that I have signed up for It Works. It’s now time to move onto Step 2: Getting 4 Loyalty Customers 🙂

There are 2 ways in becoming a LC:

Loyalty Customer:
– You will receive 40% discount on any product.
– As a loyalty customer you are able to create a log-in to manage your orders.
– You can even alter the date to when you want the order to placed (this is helpful to those financially

Option 1) 3 auto-shipment months. This is good for those who want to try more than one product. You are able to alter your orders each month, so that way you are not always getting the same product for 3 consecutive months. You must be sure to save & update your auto-shipment each month to ensure that your order is correct for the months to come.

Example: Month 1 you order Body Wraps, Month 2 you decide to try Confianza, Month 3 is greens. But you want to change Month 2 to something else or add more to your order, you can do that! before the next billing period.

Only after your 3 months is over. You may cancel your auto-shipment if you choose to do so. (it is your responsibility to cancel or your order will repeat.) You can take a break & start back up again whenever you feel that you need to purchase product again.


Option 2) This is another way to become a Loyalty Customer for those who do not want to commit to 3 months of purchase. By signing up as a Loyalty Customer the membership is $50 along with buying at least one product. A plus is, there is no renewal fee.. you are a Loyalty Customer with ItWorks for life!

Example: So later, say like 6 months down the road you decide you want to order product again, or try something new, or you have a friend who is interested in something.. You can.

You will still get the 40% discount perk because you are a Loyalty Customer and paid your one time membership fee of $50.




To sign up:
– Shop at my site you should see my name in the upper right corner of the screen.
– Add your product to your shopping cart & proceed to check out.
– You should be directed to a site just like this one were you can pick your options or if you choose to pay full retail price.
– The rest is filling out the information.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

Xo, Risha


Touch In SOL


Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂

This next review is from Sephora. It is my first time trying out the brand “In Touch SOL”
& let me tell you, I lovee it! I had first encountered this item when my niece got her makeup done & it was one of the shadows the MUA had used on her. The pigmentation is incredible! I’ve always wanted a glitter shadow & it was also metallic?! I’ve never worked with anything like it, I knew I had to get it! There were a number of colors to choose from but I went with the colors that I have been most attracted to this Summer (rose-gold, mauve, copper tones) I picked up 2 eye-shadow duos & definitely had to get their lipstick duo also.


The packaging is shaped like a diamond, not in a regular box. I actually like the shape & design of it. Very cuute & professional graphic image on the box. It is dual sided, where you can visibly see the product & the color scheme choices. I like that it is conveniently packaged in 1 stick with its own applicators. As you can see, the box matches the middle of the duo stick to the type of product. Here, we have the navy blue box matching the navy blue duo sticks indicating it is as an eye shadow, vice versa with the silver being a lipstick.





“Margaret”- Champagne


“Lottie”- Plum
The metallic liquid, is indescribable! & the foil glitter on top ties it all together. The pigmentation is amazing & is an excellent combination. Glitter + Metallic compliment each other so well.



“Penny”- Pink Brown
The applications are similar in color but one has more of a metallic gloss, which you can see some silver shimmer in there.


Both lipstick and eyeshadow have a lip-gloss applicator. For the eye-shadow the lip-gloss applicator is used for the liquid metallic shadow and on the opposite side of stick is a plastic applicator for the loose glitter foil. I was able to apply the liquid shadow with the applicator however, it is a lot of thick product. I would take some on the back of my hand and go in with another brush to pack on the product and easily distribute the shadow a little easier on my lid. This way I had more control of the shadow. When applying the foil, I used the same technique instead of using the applicator it was easier to go in with a brush. I would also spritz some setting spray on my brush so that I get a more pigmented look & so the glitter can stick to the applicator. Keep in mind the loose glitter results in a lot of fall out! **You may want to work fast with the liquid shadow because the liquid shadow dries quickly & that is your base for the glitter to adhere to.



You can definitely see how different the look can portray using light versus without light. This is surely a product worth trying!

Stay bold, stay GOLD 🙂

Xo, Risha


Sunday Afternoon- OOTD

We were chillin’ in the park, just waiting for the sun to go down- Lighter Shade of Brown.



Romper: Target (Mossimo)
Cross Body: Tory Burch
Sandals: Target
Watch: Michael Kors

  • Here is a quick Outfit Of The Day 🙂 I apologize, I was not able to find exact retail for they might have already have discontinued or have taken items off. However, I listed where I purchased these items; they may have similar styles available.


Xo, Risha






Oh, Canada…

DSCN0372 (2)

So with Canada’s Independence Day being a week ago (July 1) I decided to share a travel  that my family took to Vancouver, Canada in July of 2014. We rented a car in Seattle, WA & drove up to Vancouver. We then took a ferry to Victoria to visit Butchart Gardens. So beautiful & green. Very different from Las Vegas, I have even considered the thought of living in Canada. Many places close at 7pm compared to a city that is open 24 hours. I definitely reflected on that trip & came to the conclusion that we are SPOILED.. we live in a town that is so accessible. Out there we had a hard time finding dinner places open, we ended up eating at Burger King down the street from our hotel. A Burger King with Poutine!? I can no doubt, live off of that. Yum! Would love to visit Canada again someday, maybe Toronto? 🙂


Safe Travels.

Xo, Risha