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What’s In Your Travel Make-up Bag? 


Hello lovelies 🙂

First an foremost, Happy Labor Day weekend! I am currently at the airport waiting to board my flight & decided to share this blog with you all. Every year I try to take a mini-vacation for Labor day weekend. Stay tuned & find out where I’m heading to..

Based off the title of this blog post, I will be sharing my travel essentials. This time i chose to travel on the lighter side with my cosmetic bag. I will not be checking in any luggage this time– so the  lighter, the better! My travel make-up bag is always different based upon the palettes I wish to use that matches my outfits.

I will be placing all my items in a small  black COACH make-up bag (sorry, not pictured “/)

Shine Killer (Face primer) by NYX
BB Cream (Medium/Deep) by Maybelline

Shadow Insurance (Eyeshadow primer) by Too Faced
Carli Bybel (10 color eye-shadow & 4 highlighter; perfect palette that has a little bit of everything including highlighters) by BH Cosmetics
Curvitude liquid eyeliner by Maybelline

Gimme Brow (the color 5) by Benefit
Build-a-brow by IT Cosmetics

Chapstick in papaya

Demi Whispies by Salon Perfect
Lash Sensational (full-fan effect) & (curvitude) by Maybelline
Eyelash curler by Revlon
Lash glue (dark) by DUO

Contour brush purchased at Marshalls
Face brush set w/ small zipper case by Target
Beauty Blender purchased at Marshalls

What’s in your bag? 🙂

Hope you have a safe & enjoyable weekend!

Xo, Risha

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