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Why, It Works?

Today is my 1 month mark as a distributor with It Works!

I’ll tell ya, I’ve been trying hard to get in touch with a lot of ppl.. Plenty of messages that have been “seen” or “read” but no reply. It can get really discouraging & plenty of times I thought “This may not be for me? /:”  Buut I realized like any other business, you just have to keep going!  I didn’t know where to even begin on how to approach ppl. So that was completely pushing me out of my comfort zone. I understand that ppl are going to turn me down & i’d rather make them feel comfortable than having them unsure of something.

This business really tested my patience as well, it is not something that happens over night. Ppl won’t respond right away. Then again, ppl may sign up right on the dot. But I always try to re-assure my clients that the choice is completely theirs. I don’t want them to feel overwhelmed or pressured. I want them to personally see my relation with the product itself. I’m still learning how to do this but I can say I learned a lot so far in a one month span about myself & this business. It has certainly helped me grow as a person. Never had i imagined that i would get into a business like this.

So, why? I started this business, just like many others who decide to join.. to make extra money. Without getting too personal but this investment is for myself financially, graduate school & my (future) family. I treat this like a game, not in a foolish or literal sense but to grow in a company like this you climb a ladder & by enrolling more people you are reaching your goals. It is a thrilling feeling & accomplishment. Like trying to pass levels towards winning.

I’ve noticed you want to expand your following audience & spread the word of your business. I’ve gotten many remarks of the product not working, there a lot of misconception that it is suppose to magically make you lose weight instantly. Wrong. Like any other health product, it takes dedication & discipline. You have to work for the results you desire. Our products only enhances the progression & improvemen of health & wellness. I had to figure out which platforms are best fit for me to expose my business..i’m so new to Facebook, it has been years since i’ve had one. Soo, i don’t have a big following audience, rarely any comments let alone likes. But it is all about staying consistent & not giving up!

Xo, Risha

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