Sunglass Spot


Here are some inexpensive sunglasses that I wanted to share with you all! 🙂

I have really been into QUAY glasses but I’m not quite willing to pay that amount for that particular brand. Did my research on Instagram & stumbled upon Sunglass Spot! I love this brand, very inexpensive & there are some popular styles similar to the brand QUAY. What are you waiting for?! These babies sell out faaast.

I purchased 4 sunglasses from SunglassSpot & can’t wait to order more!

When I first received my package I was really wondering “how can 4 glasses fit in here?!” They surely managed! Everything was packaged neatly also including cloth-cases.


  1. Oversized Half Frame Horn Rimmed Super Cat Eye Sunglasses- Black Frame/Gradient.

2. 55mm Flat Lens Full Metal Frame Modern Squared Off Sunnies- Black Frame/Mirror

3. Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cat Eye – Black Frame/Mirror.

4. 61mm Oversize Modern Flat Top Thin Lightweight Aviator- Black Frame/Rose Gold. *MY FAVORITE ORDER*

All for $5.99 each! Some ‘premiere’ shades are about $9.95 . Still, not bad!  I wanted to share the best deals with you guys & this is definitely the best! great quality as well.

Stay cool & hydrated this summer!

Xo, Risha

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